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CambridgeRealms is a new FREE 2D Mmorpg game that is still in the making. CambridgeRealms was first started Janurary 21st, 2011 using the gaming engine XtremeWorlds, made by Bradyok Software. This is a semi-RuneScape Fan-game. We did not make the item icons, all of the item icons/sprites, and music belongs to Jagex Games Studios.


The never-ending war was over now. Zarfresth, the dark overlord, was conquered by the keepers of light, Lylas and Bandasyl, condemning Zarfresth back to his realms for a thousand years. Cambridge was restored to tranquility. Lylas and Bandasyl drifted from the mortal realm, leaving Cambridge in peace, perhaps never to return. The mortal realm praised God for Lylas, who was the overlord of light, for his duties and victories. Bandasyl, the overlord of power, was given no honor for his help in the Great War, so he swore never to assist the mortal’s again.

A thousand years had vanished and the seal was broken allowing Zarfresth out of his realm. Zarfresth began to create evil creatures about Cambridge and neighboring lands to terrorize the people. King Dartin the III, King of Cambridge, prayed to God passionately for Lylas’ return, but his prayers ultimately were left unanswered. Zafresth’s dominion of the mortal realm expands with every living moment. Humans declared Lylas to be dead and Bandasyl a coward for not relieving their pain. Who can save the mortals from complete genocide?

Links Edit

  • Game Website: [1]
  • Game Unoffical Trailer: [2]
  • Where it all started: [3]

Credits Edit

  1. Staff - Making the game fun.
  2. Bradyok - Created the game engine
  3. Jagex - Created the music, item looks.

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